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ej_challenge's Journal

Ewan Mcgregor and Jude Law Icon Challenge
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Welcome to the first icon challenge featuring both Ewan Mcgregor and Jude Law. This challenge will be run like any other challenge. Each week one of the guys will be selected as a challenge you will post a maximum of threeicons using any pictures together or apart. Voting will take place. The winner will recieve a banner. There is no limit to how far you can go on an icon. Such as animation, brushes, effects, text, etc.


01.You may submit up to three icons per challenge
02.All entries must be original work. If you are caught stealing another's work you will be banned
03.Enteries must be standard livejournal size (100x100 or 40 kb)
04.DO NOT post or share your icon anywhere until the challenge is over.
05.When entering a challenge leave a comment in the challenge entry with your icon and it's link.


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Final Note

The battle challenges were based on bsxca_challenge. Thank you to ronsmione for allowing me to use the concept.